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Our Business

-BOM Quick Quotation
-One-stop BOM Procurement Service 
-Consignment Sales of Remaining Electronic Material
-Electronic Components Spot Buy Service 


Free Component Samples

Xinle offers complimentary component samples. If the unit price is below $2, customers are cordially invited to request up to 5 samples, which will be promptly dispatched via express delivery.


Quick Quotation

Xinle price checking smart system can generate a benchmark price in 1 minute for customers' reference. 
In practical terms, when our customer is interested in a particular product or service, they can use Xinle's smart system to obtain a benchmark price almost instantly. This benchmark price serves as a quick and preliminary estimate, allowing customers to make informed decisions or comparisons before finalizing a purchase.  


Ready To Ship-7 Days Delivery

Xinle provides full Electronic Component supply chain solutions, the following type of Electronic Component can be deliver within 7 days after you confirmed the order list, even emergency case can be deliver in 1 day.


Technical Support

Xinle provides technical support to clients during the component selection process. We can assist in choosing components that meet the required specifications and standards, ensuring compatibility and reliability in the final product.

Upstream Brand

Good supply chain management ability, market analysis ability, product development ability, brand building ability, sales and customer service ability.

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PCB supplier and the best quality electronic components supplier

Xinle has been engaged in electronic component distribution business since 2011 and was formally established in 2022.
We are one of the leading distributors of electronic components,provide BOM quick quotation, BOM whole order “one - stop”procurement services, high-priced purchasing inventory components and PCB instant quotes!

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Advanced Custom Design
For inductors, transformers, relays, LCD screens, LED drivers, and some structural parts such as connectors, we can design and manufacture according to your requirements to meet your specific size, equipment and application needs.Read more
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