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What is the difference between LCD display, OLED display and LED display?


What is the difference between LCD display, OLED display and LED display?

Update Time:2023/9/15

1. On the color gamut

OLED displays can display endless colors, and are not affected by the backlight. Pixels are very advantageous when displaying a completely black screen. Currently, the color gamut of LCD displays is between 72% and 92%. , while the color gamut of the LED display is above 118%.

2. In terms of price

LED displays of the same size are more than twice as expensive as LCD displays, and OLED displays are even more expensive.

3. In terms of technology maturity

Because LCD display is a traditional display, it is much better than OLED and LED in terms of technology maturity, such as display response speed, OLED and LED are far behind LCD displays.

4. In terms of the angle of the display

OLED displays are much better than LED displays and LCD displays. The specific performance is that the viewing angle of LCD displays is very small, while LED displays are unsatisfactory in terms of layering and dynamic performance. In addition, the sense of depth of LED displays is not good enough. 

With the development of technology, liquid crystal technology is also constantly improving, and people's demand for various displays is also constantly increasing. Perhaps in the future, liquid crystal technology will develop to a new height, and there may be a new kind of display that can replace liquid crystal technology. new technology.

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