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Gd32 Mcu Continues To Lead The Intelligent Innovation


Gd32 Mcu Continues To Lead The Intelligent Innovation

Jul 6,2023
Looking back on the development of China's semiconductor industry over the years, you will definitely notice the important position of GD32 in the MCU market. In April 2013, GigaDevice successfully launched the domestic GD32 series of 32-bit microcontrollers. After ten years of hard work, it now produces 41 series and more than 500 models, with cumulative shipments of more than 1.3 billion units, covering all high-, medium-, and low-end applications. Its network distribution covers China, the Asia-Pacific region, and European and American markets.

Recently, at the "2023 International AIoT Ecological Development Conference" jointly hosted by AspenCore and Shenzhen New Generation Information and Communications Industry Cluster, Mr. Jin Guangyi, Marketing Director of GigaDevice Innovation Products, shared the latest product applications and market layout of GD32 MCU.

GD32 is the largest Arm MCU product series in China. The first to launch China's Cortex-M3/M4/M23/M33/M7 core MCU and the global RISC-V core universal 32-bit MCU. It has ranked No. 32 in China's MCU manufacturers for 7 consecutive years. The number of global customers has exceeded 20,000. Home. Achieving positioning supply chain system support, GD32 currently has 7 wafer fabs and 14 supply packaging and testing factories. Production and delivery are synchronized in mainland China and overseas, which greatly improves resource productivity and operational efficiency. Guaranteeing customer supply even under severe semiconductor conditions is the key to GigaDevice’s success in the market.
2023 International AIoT Ecological Development Conference
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